Sunday, October 19, 2014

Sock Dolls and Textile Around the World

There are three things I'd like to share today. It is mostly informative stuff this time.
The first one is a sock doll workshop I will conduct on Friday, October 31, 2014, at Kibbutz Magal. Here are the details:
היום יש לי שלושה עדכונים:
הראשון: ביום שישי, 31.10.14, אעביר סדנת בובות בקיבוץ מגל. כל הפרטים מופיעים במודעה:
The second one refers to my mailing list, which I used to send information about upcoming workshops. Unfortunately, since my old computer passed away last month, I lost some of the data, which I can't restore. So if you were subscribed and would like to keep receiving my updates, or if you know someone else who would, just e-mail me at
לצערי, אבדה לי רשימת הקשר שבה עדכנתי לגבי סדנאות קרובות. אם הופעתם ברשימה ואתם רוצים להמשיך לקבל עדכונים, או אם אתם רוצים להירשם עכשיו, שלחו לי מייל לכתובת

The third one is the publication later this month of the book Textile Around the World, which depicts the works of 160 textile artists from around the world, including mine.
העדכון השלישי והמשמח ביותר מבחינתי הוא שבימים הקרובים ייצא לאור הספר Textile Around the World ובו עבודות של 160 אמנים מרחבי העולם, כולל עבודות שלי.

Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Red face, embroidered portrait

About two weeks ago, I posted a few work-in-progress photos. They are still in progress...

Monday, September 15, 2014

Monday, September 08, 2014

Some of the friends

 They haven't been completed yet, but they are piled up on my desktop. Here are some of the friends I have been busy with recently:

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

The Girls

It was more than one year ago that I posted about  some of my embroideries,
and it took me over a year to complete this piece. Here it is now, with some detail shots.

This is the whole piece. It started with the character in the background, which I appliquéd on muslin cloth. Afterwards I attached the second character, which was a sock doll I emptied and sewed onto the appliqué. Then came the most time-consuming part - embroidering the background.

* BTW, the Sock Doll Workshop I posted about last time was postponed to September 5 and September 12. mail me if you would like to join. You can see the details here: