Tuesday, September 27, 2016


The show is now on, and here are some photos of my Topsy Turvy characters at the gallery.
I framed both of them in a laser-cut wooden hoop, in order to hang them at the center of the gallery space. (The exhibition will be on show at Artemisia Gallery, 31 Abarbanel St., Tel Aviv, and it will continue until the end of October)

Friday, September 23, 2016

Topsy Turvy Ilustration

About three months ago, I was asked to participate in an illustration exhibition, as part of the Tel Aviv Illustration Week.
The exhibition revolves around one fairy tale, The Red Silk Ribbon, which is quite long and has a complicated plot. In short, it tells the story of a fisherman who can't fish anymore, so in order to get more fish, he promises to let a mermaid have something he has in his own house, but doesn't know what it is yet. Apparently, it is his own son (when he arrives home, his wife tells him she is pregnant). When Lucas, the son, grows up, his life becomes quite difficult, but then, one day, he receives a gift: The ability to transform himself into four different animals, and this gift enables him to marry a beautiful princess. Meanwhile, the mermaid hasn't forgotten what she was promised, and transforms the princess into a dragon... This is a very short summary, since the fairy tale includes many more details and subplots.
I chose to illustrate two scenes depicting the transformation process in the fairy tale by creating Topsy Turvy characters who have two heads and share the same body. As I had a short time to complete the work, it was quite an intense process. Here are some images of my piece. The exhibition is already on show at Artemisia Gallery, 31 Abarbanel St., Tel Aviv, and it will continue until the end of October.

Thursday, July 07, 2016

The Weirdos

It is summertime again, and I finally have much more time to spend at the studio. But suddenly I felt the familiar "Blank Page" fear, so I grabbed some scraps: Crocheted body parts, hands, legs, and heads, normal emergency supplies. 
I started to play around with them and put them together, to see what I could get out of all those discarded pieces, and after a while, these three creatures emerged, which I named The Weirdos.


Tuesday, June 07, 2016

The Baboons

The big baboon is now done, and all of my baboons are on Salon Miryam (Dizingof 171, Tel Aviv) 
display window,  they took part in an art show at display windows- Rehov Lovesh Omanot, the exhibition is over but my Baboons are still there till this weekend.

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Another Baboon

This past week, I crocheted a new baboon. This time, I used very coarse wool, produced by Bedouin women in the Negev Desert. Traditionally, the wool is used for rug weaving, but I decided to give it a try in crocheting.
It has many advantages, since it is very strong and stable, and in the sculptural crochet technique I use, it easily holds a 3D shape, even on a larger scale. This wool is thicker than the other types of yarn I usually work with, so I get the large shapes much more quickly as well, and most of all –  I like this wool's crude appearance.
There is one major disadvantage to using it in crochet work: It is thick and stiff, so it requires much more effort of the hand muscles, which causes some pain. It became much more difficult when I had to crochet the smaller parts, such as the fingers, and I had to take increasingly longer breaks between crocheting each finger.
As I was eager to get on with the work and see my baboon fighting the tigers, I was looking for an immediate solution, and it was right in front of me – I always have some discarded fabric bands on my desk, which I use in my wrapping technique, so I just wrapped the crochet hook until it was so thick that I didn't have to bend my hand while holding it. I can't say that it solved all the problems, but it was much more comfortable to crochet that way.